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Nomad Tech

Innovative Power Refurbishment

Performing innovative refurbishment of the power traction converter

From the Power modules GTO to IGBT (new technology) and from the Power modules IGBT to IGBT (new technology).

Customer Value Proposition:

  • Low cost upgrade (immediate ROI)
  • Product Life Cycle Cost reduction
  • Simplified homologation
  • Increased energy savings
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Remote Monitoring embedded


NxT Sense and NxT Aware enabled.


Power Electronics Solutions


Power Traction Converter Refurbishment

Power Module GTO to IGBT (new technology)

Power Module IGBT to IGBT (new technology)


Power Modules Repairing

Proved experience with different OEM converters

  • Quick Repair times
  • Main repair workshop centrally located in Lisbon, Portugal
  • Testing facility (Power switching aimed for 500A)