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Onboard Solutions for Rolling Stock

Onboard Solutions

NxT Sense is an on-board solution for rolling stock, a flexible and scalable platform to support distinct applications for connected remote condition monitoring systems.

NxT Sense is compatible with several train architectures, provides effective means to acquire and unify data from numerous on-train systems, in order to then transmit data enhanced with train location information to shore side servers.

This solution is already a proven technology capable of combining single or multiple on-train interfaces to systems like:

  • TCMS, Train Control & Management System
  • TCU, Traction Control Units
  • HVAC, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning controllers
  • DCU, Door Control Units
  • PA/ PIS, Public Address and Passenger Information Systems
  • OTMR, On-Train Monitoring Recorder

As well as the data bus communication interface:

  • MVB, Multifunction Vehicle Bus

NxT Sense, a core component of Nomad Tech product range solutions, enables the train to be a connected asset.

NxT Sense can be provided with following options:

  • As a turnkey solution, integrated in the MB1000 our own railway-certified on-board computer designed to meet the demanding requirements of rolling stock installations.
  • As a software service to be integrated in third party computing platforms with dedicated wireless communications.
  • Option to transmit data directly to NxT Aware the Nomad Tech’s remote monitoring solution and business analytics. Or with the possibility to be customised to interface with third party off-board solutions.



MB1000 series

Monitoring box – MB1000 series

The Nomad Tech Monitoring Box unit is a hardware for railways applications which hosts the Nomad Tech on-board software, NxT Sense solution.

MGW1000 series

Modular Gateway – MGW1000 series

The Nomad Tech MGW1000 unit is a hardware for railways applications, part of the Nomad Tech on-board solution NxT Sense used when it its required to distribute and extend the data acquisition across a train installation.