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Nomad Tech

Nomad Tech does not leave its customers alone!

Nomad Tech team has 25+ years of experience in Rail, thus making our solutions tailored to the Railway environment. Nomad Tech combines – thanks to our excellent professionals – valuable railway technology competencies with digitization, ALL in one team.

We assign bespoke teams to customers´ needs, offering customized solutions and optimal support by manpower at its best. We have engineers of various disciplines such as electrical & electronics, mechanical, software development and computer science. All our engineers gained broad experience in well-known rail sector companies such as Portuguese Railways, SBB, DB cargo, Hitachi, Metro Trains Melbourne, NSB, Mantena

Engineering Support since the early stage of your project!

NxT_Engineering team works in a partnership with the customers across all phases of the projects, from requirements definition surveys to planning, design, installation, management, operations and maintenance.

We support you to move from a traditional to a new Generation Maintenance methodology, combining:

1. RCM – Reliability Maintenance Engineering methodology – The traditional approach (basically the OEM maintenance plans) forgets Train Configuration, doesn’t consider the Operating Context, is unaware of Failure Consequences, is costly and ineffective. The results from this approach are expensive overhauls which most of the times induce new failure modes in the repaired systems.

2. Defining the requirements of your remote monitoring system, taking in account the operational context and customers´ main goals.

A lot of people can collect data from the train however, there are very few who can use that data and that information to produce knowledge, in a way that is relevant and in the time frame required by the increasingly demanding train operating business. Nomad Tech solutions are the best answer. Our first step is an engineering analysis with the customer to identify its needs, even before starting to gather any data.

So, instead of sending massive data from train to shore what we propose to the customers is to identify their main goals like: critical systems, failure modes, areas involved, existing tools and then, based on whatever historic information the customer may have built the more cost-effective solution.

3. Obsolescence management services – Replacing obsolete equipment’s or systems can be very expensive. Nomad Tech´s approach to obsolescence is to keep what is working well and focus on failure modes which the effect/impact requires an upgrade and/or redesign.


Our railway background allows us to know rolling stock system from inside out. This knowledge combined with our – high qualified and hands-on engineers, allow us to:

  • reverse engineer, re-design, manufacture and integrate strategical systems, equipment and/or software of your rolling stock – in a reliable and competitive mode,
  • repair components even when there is no longer support from the original equipment manufacturer.