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ROCM – Remote Online Condition Monitoring


ROCM is a scalable solution which allow you to be aware of the status of your assets anytime, anywhere.

ROCM provides the following main features:

  • Integrated Platform

Allows to have a centralized and holistic view of your assets, through the integration of existing data from disparate sources. Data can be obtained with our on-board solution NxT Sense or from other third-party systems.

  • Diagnostic Enhancement

Resorting to your experience and knowledge it is possible to create new alerts with the available data, through a user-friendly graphical interface, leading to the enrichment of the asset’s diagnostic.

Be notified, by email or SMS, of the occurrence of some important events on your assets.

The events can also be integrated with other third-party systems of the organization.

  • Data Analytics

Visualize the status of your fleet through configurable dashboards, which can be customized and adapted to your business scenario.

For in-depth analysis, it is possible to drill down to more detailed views of the underlying data. It is also possible to perform georeferenced analysis of the data, using GPS coordinates associated with the acquired data or enriching it with GPS coordinates from other sources.

Automate the generation and distribution of reports configured with important information from your assets, to support your decisions.

Access near real time data of your assets, in time series views or other customized views, for maintenance or operational scenarios (e.g. driver helpdesk).

  • Remote Management

Reduce operational costs by performing remotely fleet management tasks (e.g. update of the PA/PIS database on the vehicles).