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Monitoring box – MB1000 series

Monitoring box – MB1000 series

The Nomad Tech Monitoring Box unit is a hardware for railways applications which hosts the Nomad Tech on-board software, NxT Sense solution.

The MB1000 series Monitoring Box hardware platform has multiple interfaces to connect and gather data from different on-train systems.

The collected data can be locally pre-processed and transmitted to a shore side application server either by existing communication equipment via LAN, or via plugged-in cellular modem.

The MB1000 series Nomad Tech Monitoring Box hardware platform is rugged and completely maintenance free.

Supplied with a built-in GNSS receiver to enhance data with train location information and support remote asset tracking services.


  • Runs software to collect data from multiple sub systems of the train.
  • Transmission of data to off-board servers via wireless communication.
  • Multiple connection ports
  • Quick view of operation status by LED’s
  • GPS incorporated
  • Industrial grade components
  • Rugged & Fanless
  • Maintenance free
  • Railways compliant
  • Remotely configurable and updatable
  • Box operational status checked remotely