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Nomad Tech

A Joint Venture by Nomad Digital (global leader for high-availability wireless solutions) and EMEF (the Portuguese Railways company for rolling stock maintenance)

About Nomad Tech

Our Mission …

“Nomad Tech has as mission the development and commercialization of innovative solutions aimed at reducing the cost of the life cycle of physical assets, acting on the components of acquisition, refurbishment/actualisation ???, maintenance and operations, based on its extensive Knowledge of the railway industry”.

Nomad Tech is the pioneer of a unified and fully-integrated on-train communications platform that enables:

  • continuous, online, remote monitoring of the condition of different train systems
  • increased availability & reliability of the train and of its subsystems
  • the modernisation of operations and maintenance activities of train fleets throughout the world.

The aim is to meet the explosion in demand around solutions for reducing the Life Cycle Cost of the Rolling Stock.

State of the art solutions

Following our Vision we present Nomad Tech´s solutions …

NT Maintain

  • NT Maintain – Remote Online Condition Monitoring
  • NT Maintain – Maintenance Engineering

NT Eco

Energy management and monitoring, with real-time Driving Advisory System (DAS)

NT Power

Power Traction repairing and  Power Traction refurbishment from: GTO to IGBT technology / IGBT to IGBT (new generation)

Deployed Projects

CP – Comboios de Portugal / Energy Savings

The Challenge

Energy Savings (Porto commuters, PT)

The EU is aiming for a 20% cut in Europe’s annual primary energy consumption by 2020 – through generation, transformation, distribution and final consumption.

The Solution

CP (Comboios de Portugal) was looking for a solution that could help them save energy during fleet service, idle time between services and night parking at the depots.

The Results

Nomad Tech installed its solution on a fleet of 34 CP EMUs, where energy savings up to 10% were achieved with Telemetering management.

The energy Telemetering and Monitoring stage is complemented by the Drivers Advisory System, which can leverage energy savings of up to 20%.

Hitachi / On Board Server – OBS

The Challenge

Remote Online Condition Monitoring solution for the Hitachi AT200/ AT300 trains intended to operate in the UK.

The Solution

An On Board Server (OBS) solution for the Hitachi’s IEP fleets Class 800, ASR fleet Class 385 and Class 395 fleet.
This OBS provides a single gateway for bidirectional transmission of all operational data between the train and trackside.
Data transmitted includes train diagnostics from the Train Management System, energy consumption, as well as daily timetable information and seat reservation.

The Results

This is one of the first times that such a tool is developed in close cooperation with the train manufacturer.
With this solution, maintenance & train operations related personnel now have a unified tool to view, analyze and manage train-related information, integrating it with other enterprise-wide software, and as such, improve their day-to-day activities.