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Official project website: not available

Project code: 16/SI/2016 – PROJETOS DE I&D

PROJETOS INDIVIDUAIS – Portugal 2020 / European Union



Currently, the rail industry has energy consumption rates (in carrying out commercial services in operation and even parking) that can be improved samples. regarding to the global consumption level of energy transport network and conduct strategy adopted by the driver – driving agent, which currently has essentially commercial service information that is to be made, so it does not have tools that allow a global optimization transport network in which it is inserted.

In this sense the NTW-DAS is based on the development of a system to support driving with a global optimization perspective of the transport network.

It is intended to carry out the development of an innovative project of integrated and universal management (given the order to be used by Circulating Stock of different operators / manufacturers) of Railway Material Circulating transport network, including universal monitoring systems “energy state” Circulating Stock and the support system to driving.

More specifically, the proposed system consists of the following components:

– Agent embedded monitoring the energy consumption of the Circulating Stock;

– Driving the support of embedded agent (with overall network optimization perspective);

– Stand-alone module of the track profile acquisition (slope and curvature);

– Central processing system (obtaining information from various network agents and global optimization).

In order to achieve and validate the expected results Nomad Tech collected a set of steps from the development of the autonomous module of the track profile acquisition, development support solution to driving the subsystems implementation for the prototype and its experimental validation and further tests in real environment.

Co-funding: COMPETE 2020